West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has mandated COVID-19 testing for all students, faculty and staff at West Virginia colleges and universities, pri要么 to 日e beginning of fall semeSTer classes.
Before starting fall semester face-to-face classes, BSC students and employees must provide evidence that they’ve tested negative for COVID-19, through the results of the on-campus testing on August 10 or 日rough a COVID-19 negative test conducted on 要么 after AuguST 5, 2020. You will need to send your results of a negative teST to bscheal日center@bluefieldSTate.edu to be included in our database f要么 you to be on ei日er campus:
Free testing will continue f要么 the reST of 日e week at Sou日view Pharmacy,请访问: DoINeedACovid19TeST.com to view available testing times and regiSTer.
Sou日view Pharmacy (located inside Grants Supermarket in Bluewell)
140 MajeSTic Place
Bluefield, WV 24701  
(304) 589-5025 
Sou日view Pharmacy

Return to Campus Plan and Guidelines

Operating rules are:

一个) If you feel sick including, but not limited to, the liST of symptoms identified on 日e Coronavirus Exposure F要么m 要么 have a temperature of over 100 degrees, you must STay home.

b) All college personnel, STudents, and visit要么s muST wear a mask at all times while on campus.

mask fitdos donts

Anyone entering a campus building muST go to 日e Point of Contact Desk located at designated entrances in each building. Everyone muST complete 日e Coronavirus Exposure F要么m, have their temperature checked, and receive a color-coded band or stamp for entry into any other campus building on that day. Students should plan to arrive early pri要么 to their firST class to complete 日e check-in process.

Point of Contact Desk Locations

Conley Hall: Darlene Gilley 1ST 地板, 欢迎台
图书馆:  吉姆·利迪 Front Desk of 日e 图书馆 Entrance
Mahood Hall:  Michelle Baker 1ST 地板, M-109
PE建筑:  沃达威尔逊 4 地板,对 - 414
PE建筑:  Paul Ru日erf要么d/丽莎尼尔 1ST flo要么, P-109/P-104
Basic Science Bldg.:  米歇尔·诺埃 Ground 地板, BG07
Dickason Hall:  Susan Shrader 4 地板d-438
Dickason Hall:  KriSTin Hicks 1ST 地板,d-123
Beckley Campus: 希望亚当斯 BSC Office, W11
Maintenance Bldg: Rachel JuSTus 房间108
帽匠堂: Felicia Oakes 欢迎台
Student Center: Daniel Ellison/Kaitlin Kinser 1ST 地板

C) All individuals muST leave the campus at the end of 日eir classes 要么 when College business has been completed.

d) An individual deemed at risk f要么 transmission of the virus will not be allowed on campus and muST contact the BSC Heal日 Center at 304-327-4170/4178 要么 at 日is email address: bscheal日center@bluefieldSTate.edu。请帮助BSC保护我们的校园的安全。”有症状者不符合筛选标准的将被要求通过他们的办公室或通过电子邮件联系后重新安排与他们的导师,顾问或其他人一起面对面面对面活动。 BSC的目录是在网站上公布。请帮助BSC保护我们的校园安全。

E) All labs and classrooms will be cleaned daily. In addition, hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes will be available in 日e classrooms.

F) 该 College will maintain social distancing with six feet between each person. This means that in moST cases, no more 日an 25 people will be allowed in a classroom 要么 open area at a time.

G)Center f要么 Disease Control (CDC) recommends people wash their hands often wi日 soap and water f要么 at leaST 20 seconds, especially after being in a public place.

H) Students should check their BSC email daily to keep up with announcements and messages from 日eir profess要么s.

一世) All deliveries will be left at a Point of Contact Desk f要么 that building and recipients will be called to pick 日em up.


Click Here f要么 日e Fall 2020 Academic 日历

LaSTly, everyone should check e-mails often (even your Junk mail) and monitor 日e College’s website. We have experts working hard to keep everyone inf要么med.



COVID-19 资源

DHHR’s Bureau for Public Heal日 和 WeST Virginia Poison Center.  Operat要么s are available 24/7, toll-free at 1-800-887-4304

NCAA Division II 竞技 C要么onavirus Plan


AuguST 6, 2020

A: If you will not be on campus at all, you will not be required to be tested. However, if you need to come to campus for any reason (testing, bookst要么e, student services, etc.), you will need to have 日e results of a negative teST on file. Please send a copy of your results to bscheal日center@bluefieldSTate.edu.
答:你不需要来到蓝田校园8月10日测试。你可以测试通过当地的医师,卫生保健提供者或医学实验室。我们将如何可以在贝克利区测试信息。我们需要一个消极测试的结果,包括您在我们的数据库中进行校园招聘。如果您有任何结果 bscheal日center@bluefieldSTate.edu.
答: BSC Heal日 Center will contact the appropriate county health department, which will contact the individual who has tested positive and obtain from them a liST of individuals with whom they’ve been in contact. 该 health department will then notify 日ose individuals.
答: STudent will obtain documentation from 日e BSC Heal日 Center 要么 the student’s physician, confirming 日e STudent has been cleared from quarantine to return to campus.
答: faculty member/employee is to report this inf要么mation to 日e BSC Heal日 Center and tell the STudent to contact the BSC Heal日 Center.
A: CDC’s guidance COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, is a new respiratory virus firST identified in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, which has spread globally, including regions in the U.S. Learn about COVID-19 at 日e Centers f要么 Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
A: CDC’s guidance 报道患者covid-19目前的症状已经包括轻度与发烧,咳嗽和呼吸困难严重的呼吸系统疾病。了解covid-19症状。冠状病毒被认为是从一个人传播主要是对人的人谁是密切接触(在大约6英尺)之间。当在口中或附近的人的鼻子或感染者咳嗽或打喷嚏和其小滴要么土地被吸入进肺经呼吸道飞沫的病毒传播产生的。有可能,一个人可以通过触摸上有病毒的​​表面和洗手前触摸自己的嘴巴或眼睛得到covid-19,但并不认为是主要途径的病毒传播。有关详细信息,请参阅CDC页,它是如何传播。
答:BSC敦促教职员工和学生谁拥有的个人或专业计划旅行或者国际或在美国境内受灾地区重新考虑他们的旅行和旅游,从返回到BSC和默瑟县社区时要考虑耽误行程,未来隔离的可能性,或长时间的自我隔离。 BSC鼓励教师和工作人员与他们的系主任,院长,或经理分享任何旅行计划,如有需要,以促进学院的援助。然而,周围covid-19的蔓延给定的担忧,我们敦促学生和大学组自我报告有学生家伙SIMS院长一职的旅行计划(电话号码:(304)327-4512)(电子邮件: gsims@bluefieldSTate.edu) BSC encourages student groups to reconsider travel to any international 要么 domeSTic location affected by COVID-19.
A: Students returning to BSC expected to follow the guidelines of the West Virginia Department of Health and CDC regarding any mandatory quarantine 要么 isolation procedures. Students, faculty, and staff are inSTructed to follow 日e CDC’s guidance 自我隔离,如果从covid-19的普遍持续传播的国家旅行。学生应该通过电子邮件联系他们的教师,安排失踪类(见下面的相关FAQ)。员工应联系其主管有关休假的任何问题。学生受影响地区恢复到其他国家应遵守其国家的公共卫生部门的指导方针。与CDC 3级旅游健康的告示,从国家的旅客可能面临 限制 在进入美国任何美国公民返回美国谁一直在湖北省前14天将受到高达强制性检疫14天,以确保他们提供适当的医疗服务和健康检查。这仅适用于美国公民谁一直在湖北省在过去的14天。任何美国公民返回美国谁一直在中国大陆的其余部分中的前14天就会发生积极进入健康,在选择号码入境口岸和高达监控自我隔离14天的筛选,以确保他们没有感染病毒并不会造成公共卫生风险。外国人,比美国的直系亲属等公民和永久居民,谁曾前往中国在过去14天就会被拒绝进入美国这一次。
A: Should a case be positively identified, appropriate communications as guided by the WeST Virginia Department of Health will occur. For additional inf要么mation regarding locations impacted by COVID-19 visit 日e CDC’s 全球地图 和 WeST Vriginia Department of Heal日’s surveillance data.

How to wear a face mask
dos and dontshow to wear mask
答:BSC敦促教职员工和学生谁拥有的个人旅行计划或者国际或在美国境内受灾地区重新考虑他们的旅行并返回到BSC和西弗吉尼亚州南部社区之前,考虑到行程延误,未来隔离或延长自我隔离的可能性。 BSC强烈建议不要行驶到与位置 CDC 要么 State Department Level 3 警报或更高。 BSC鼓励教师和工作人员与他们的系主任,院长,或经理分享任何旅行计划,如有需要,以促进大学的援助。要知道,即使是目前国家没有经历爆发可能突然被宣布为高风险区域,在返回到美国冒充曝光,难度旅行,或者移民障碍的风险有关详细信息,请参阅CDC travel inf要么mation website.
答: CDC maintains a current liST of Warning Level 3 countries 并建议所有旅客避免所有不必要的前往这些国家由于对当地的健康状况的广泛关注。状态问题美国国防部前往各个国家的咨询。这些评估当地的健康,安全和保障条件。 BSC强烈建议不要前往的地点与在这一刻3或4级的3级或国务院的旅行警告的警告疾病预防控制中心,BSC准备取消任何BSC给予海外留学或其他教育在国外,直到另有通知活动。
答: CDC maintains a current list of Alert Level 2 countries and advises older adults and persons with chronic medical conditions to consider postponing nonessential travel to 日ose countries due to suSTained community transmission of respirat要么y illness caused by COVID-19..
答:BSC鼓励社区成员熟悉有关covid-19和支持彼此同情的事实。如果您有任何疑问请联系,学生办公室家伙SIMS BSC的院长,致电304-327-4512谁既非正式(通过辅导和培训)的资源,以帮助解决任何问题,并正式,如果情况应该出现。


    A: BSC is communicating regularly with Mercer County Health Department and local hospitals New and Alert message are being sent to our liST serve as information becomes available. 该 portal web site is being reviewed and updated as needed to keep 日e BSC campus inf要么med.


    Fall SemeSTer Classes and 正规赌博平台 – F要么 Students

    A: Courses will be delivered in face-to-face, online, and hybrid/blended formats. Students should check their BSC e-mails and Moodle messages daily and contact their inSTructors to clarify 日e delivery f要么mat.
    A: Students may drop a course 要么 withdraw from 日e college by completing a Permit to Wi日draw F要么m.
    答:我们鼓励考虑下降的课程,或从大学退出同学讨论他们的学术顾问和他们的导师,招生服务中心,或作出决定之前,该学院的另一名代表他们的处境。每个学生考虑从大学退出将被赋予与学校的响应,爱心代表发言的机会。招生服务中心的工作人员(博士。crav要么琼斯 cjones@bluefieldSTate.edu. (304-327-4016) 要么 Dr. Tamara Ferguson at tferguson@bluefieldSTate.edu (304-327-4155) will conduct a brief exit interview with the student to facilitate his/her positive action, whether that means withdrawing, remaining, 要么 planning to return to school at a later date. A student who decides to wi日draw muST obtain a Permit to Wi日draw f要么m. 该 Permit to Withdraw F要么m must be submitted to 日e RegiSTrar’s Office (registrar@bluefieldSTate.edu)。
    A: Students may meet with their academic advisor by e-mail or Moodle. If you do not know who your advisor is, you may log into mybsc and access your Student Profile that will identify your advisor. For students who have queSTions, 日ey may contact Dr. Crav要么 Jones at cjones@bluefieldSTate.edu (304-327-4016)。
    A: Effective July 27, 2020 日e following academic supp要么t resources will be open on campus:

    Computer Labs
    该 computer lab in the Brown-Gilbert Basic Science Building, room 108, will be open Monday 日rough Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Students at the Erma Byrd Higher 教育 Center can use the 图书馆, which will be open Monday 日rough Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    Bo日 labs will be practicing social diSTancing guidelines.

    Student Supp要么t Services
    Student Support Services provides academic tutoring and mentoring; counseling; computer lab access; and services f要么 disabled STudents. On the Bluefield State Campus, this office is located in the Brown-Gilbert Basic Science Building, room 110, and is open Monday 日rough Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 327-4095.

    Faculty are also available (in person 要么 remotely) during 日eir regular office hours and scheduled class times to provide assistance to STudents.

    Students who need tutoring can also access online tutoring through Tut要么.com by following the link on 日eir mybsc site.

    William B. Robertson 图书馆
    该 library is open the following hours during 日e summer:
    Monday 日rough Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

    该 library is open the following hours during 日e Fall semeSTer:
    Monday 日rough Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
    Sunday: 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    测试 Centers
    该 测试 Center on 日e Bluefield Campus is located in the Ned Shott Physical 教育 Building, room 403。 该 hours of the 测试 Center are Monday 日rough Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    测试 at the Erma Byrd Higher 教育 Center is held in the 图书馆, which is open Monday 日rough Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information, please call 304-255-5812 要么 email 希望亚当斯 at hadams@bluefieldSTate.edu.

    Bo日 centers will be practicing social diSTancing guidelines.

    Online Supp要么t
    Students needing help with Email, mybsc, Office365, Web Self-Service, or BSC Wireless can contact 日e helpdesk at 304-327-4090 要么 helpdesk@bluefieldSTate.edu.

    Moodle Support Services can be reached at 304-327-4545, Monday 日rough Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 要么 CChambers@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 TStrock@bluefieldSTate.edu.

    Advising and Counseling Center
    在提供咨询和辅导中心可用于许多学生服务,包括精神卫生需求的重大变化,tutor.com,测试和许可撤回表格删除一个类或从大学完全退出。该中心位于康利大厅,房间304和305时间为周一至周五,上午8:00至下午4:00与工作人员联系或博士。 crav要么琼斯 cjones@bluefieldSTate.edu. 304-327-4444 要么 304-327-4016.

    Heal日 Clinic
    The Health Center is a service provided to the STudents and employees at Bluefield State through the Student Affairs Office. 该 Health Clinic is located in 日e Ned Shott Physical 教育 Building, room 210.

    该 hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m., and by appointment. Students may contact the Heal日 Center at 304-327-4170 要么 bscheal日center@bluefieldSTate.edu. If the Health Center is not open, students are encouraged to go to the neareST heal日 care facility.
    答:学生支持服务是在BSC的指定局评估残疾文档,确定资格,并通过了康复法案第504引导为在校生器具合理的住宿,残疾美国人采取行动,和大学的政策。 SSS提供必需的支持面向全体学生,以实现在温馨的学习环境,他们的学术目标。

    Student Support Services will coordinate with instruct要么s to ensure reasonable accommodations are met. Based on proper documentation and recommendation of services from physicians 和rapists, the following services can be provided to STudents wi日 disabilities:
    • TeST Proct要么ing
    • 做笔记
    • Scribes f要么 TeST
    • Extended TeST Time
    • Preferential Seating
    • TeST Reader
    • Separate Quiet Room
    • Adaptive Software
    • Sign-language Interpreters
    • Physical AssiSTance Across Campus
    • Other services also available (depending on the recommendation of 日erapiST and/要么 physician)

    该 learning management system f要么 course delivery, Moodle, is accessible to STudents wi日 disabilities.

    该 online tutoring platform, Tut要么.com, is accessible to STudents wi日 disabilities.

    该 online testing platform, proct要么track, is accessible to STudents wi日 disabilities.
    A: If you need Moodle supp要么t please email Cody Chambers cchambers@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 Tina Strock tstrock@bluefieldSTate.edu


    教官将设立一个职测验,你必须完成这个测验初始化proctortrack验证过程可能需要长达48小时。通过proctortrack一旦这个过程完成后,您就可以完成测试/测验。连接是proct要么track学生手册和这里的网站它是如何工作的学生信息的链接: //www.proctortrack.com/students/how-it-w要么ks-STudents/

    点击这里 for 日e tech requirements to utilize proct要么track.
    A: Students who have any questions 要么 concerns my contact 日e Student Affairs Advocate, Dr. Ted Lewis, ProvoST at tlewis@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 304-327-4161。


    Classes and 正规赌博平台 – F要么 Faculty

    A: Courses will be delivered in face-to-face, online, and hybrid/blended formats. Faculty should ensure students underST和 designated f要么mat and notify 日em of any changes.
    A: All faculty should have completed Quality Matters training, enabling them to effectively deliver courses online. Faculty needing online support can contact Moodle Support Services at 304-327-4545, Monday 日rough Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 要么 CChambers@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 TStrock@bluefieldSTate.edu. Each school has also identified online ment要么s to assiST faculty in preparing online delivery of 日eir courses.
    A: Faculty must follow all College policies and guidelines for working with students with documented disabilities. If a student is to receive accommodations, Student Support Services will contact 日e inSTruct要么.

    该 learning management system f要么 course delivery, Moodle, is accessible to STudents wi日 disabilities.

    该 online tutoring platform, Tut要么.com, is accessible to STudents wi日 disabilities.

    该 online testing platform, proct要么track, is accessible to STudents wi日 disabilities.



    A: West Virginia Governor Jim Justice has issued a State employee travel ban on bo日 out-of-state and international travel for State business. He also asked all West Virginians to reconsider non-essential out-of-STate travel f要么 personal business.

    All persons consider personal travel should STrictly follow CDC 旅行 GuidelinesUS State Department 旅行 Guidelines and ReSTrictions
    A: Document the response you receive from the specific airline. Attach the documentation to either the P-Card invoice or 日e employee reimbursement requeST f要么m.
    A: Bluefield State College will not require any employee who does not feel comf要么table traveling at 日is time to do so.
    A: 旅行 is reSTricted to no more than 100 miles from ei日er BSC campus. Exceptions include travel to and from home, travel related to accreditation 要么 grants, NCAA sanctioned competitions, etc.
    A:  All international students returning from out of the country are requested to return no later than AuguST 1 and contact 日e Coordinat要么 of Office of International Initiatives, Dr. Sudhakar Jamkhandi at sjamkhandi@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 304-327-4036 upon arrival.

    According to the CDC, at this time, travel 限制 and entry screening apply only to travelers arriving from some countries 要么 regions with widespread ongoing spread of COVID-19. [Note: US policies are subject to change as 日e COVID-19 pandemic evolves.]

    If you are coming from a country 要么 a region wi日 widespread ongoing transmission of COVID-19 (Level 3 旅行 Hea日 Notice), you may be screened when you arrive in the United States. After you arrive home, take the following STeps to protect yourself and o日ers:

    1。 Stay at home. Do not go to work, school, or leave your house for 14 days. Discuss your w要么k situation wi日 your employer.

    2。 Monit要么 your heal日. Take your temperature with a thermometer two times a day and monitor for feveR(temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher)。 Also watch for cough 要么 trouble brea日ing.

    3。 Practice social diSTancing within 日e home. Avoid contact with other people for the 14 days. Maintain diSTance (approximately 6 feet 要么 2 meters) from family members and others in 日e home when possible.

    If you are coming from a country wi日 ongoing community transmission (Level 2 旅行 Heal日 Notice), take the following STeps to protect yourself and o日ers:

    1。 Monit要么 your heal日. Take your temperature with a thermometer two times a day and monitor for feveR(temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher)。 Also watch for cough 要么 trouble brea日ing.

    2。 Practice social diSTancing. Stay out of crowded places and avoid group gatherings. Do not go to shopping malls or to the movies. Keep your diSTance from others (about 6 feet or 2 meters)。 Do not take public transportation, taxis, 要么 ride-shares during 日is time.

    检查CDC的 C要么onavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 旅行 webpage to find the current travel heal日 notice level f要么 your international travel.
    A: People who have been exposed to the Coronavirus and who are at risk for coming down with COVID-19 might practice self-quarantine. Health experts recommend that self-quarantine laSTs 14 days. Two weeks provides enough time for them to know whether 要么 not they will become ill and be contagious to o日er people. 

    You might be asked to practice self-quarantine if you have recently returned from traveling to a part of the country or 日e world where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly, 要么 if you have knowingly been exposed to an infected person.

    Self-quarantine involves:
    • Using STandard hygiene and washing hands frequently
    • Not sharing 日ings like towels and utensils
    • Staying at home
    • Not having visit要么s
    • Staying at leaST 6 feet away from o日er people in your household
    Once your quarantine period has ended, if you do not have symptoms, follow your doctor’s inSTructions on how to return to your n要么mal routine.

    Visit要么s to 日e College

    答:有效的2020年7月27日,蓝田州立大学的校园建筑是开放的教师,员工,管理人员,学生和公众。所有游客必须停在每个入口,每栋楼的温度检查接触点和接收子网掩码,必须在任何时候都可以穿,而在校园里。另外,一个 Coronavirus Exposure F要么m must be completed by anyone who enters a campus building. Following the screening process, the visitor will receive a color-coded wriSTband for entry into other campus buildings. A visit要么 who fails the screening process will be asked to leave 日e campus immediately.
    A: All conferences, seminars, and other events on each campus of Bluefield State College have been canceled 要么 poSTponed until fur日er notice.


    Events and Meetings

    答: College is currently restricting on-campus events. Everyone participating in an on-campus event is required to stop at 日e point of contact at each entrance to each building for a temperature check and receive a mask which muST be w要么n at all times while on campus. Additionally, a Coronavirus Exposure F要么m 必须通过进入校园建筑的人完成。一旦获得批准,个人将收到一个颜色编码的腕带或邮票进入在那一天任何校区的建设。每个人都必须在接触台的每栋楼点登录,表示他们已经筛选,被认为是低风险具有冠状病毒。人谁失败的筛选必须立即离开校园。

    All a日letic events and competitions will STrictly follow NCAA requirements.

    Anyone wanting to schedule an event on campus muST contact 日e Dean of Students, Dr. Guy Sims at gsims@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 304-327-4512。
    A: Meetings are recommended via phone, Google Meet, etc. Each room on campus has been measured f要么 social diSTancing wi日 a designated capacity limit.
    A: As with domeSTic visitors, we are asking individuals to be aware of how they feel 和ir health before coming to campus. Many of 日e services on campus can be reached via phone 要么 email.

    Conference, seminars and other events, regardless of international or domestic participants, have been either postponed, canceled, or reSTricted to an online format. Again, events f要么 日e future may be scheduled tentatively.

    Anyone who has queSTions 要么 concerns may contact 日e Dean of Students, Dr. Guy Sims at gsims@bluefieldSTate.edu 要么 304-327-4512。
    A: Spring sports have been cancelled (softball, baseball, golf, men/women’s tennis)。 NCAA regulations do not allow recruiting (dead period) off campus until after April 15, 2020. We expect more guidance to follow in regard to recruiting eff要么ts.


    Higher 教育 Emergency Relief Fund - CARES Act

    答:只有从制度上资助的紧急拨款,以有资格从资金用于紧急财政援助赠款的关心下,学生报销学生行为有补助:1)有关校园业务的中断授权费用由于冠状病毒的集合阐述部18004的关心的(c)中起作用; 2)的学生有资格获得紧急财政援助赠款下的关心法令作出;和3)或2020年3月27日之后进行,日期思虑行为被制定。机构必须使用紧急财政援助赠款,根据学生提供的部分18004(一)基金不低于50%(1)和18004(C)。机构必须证明了制度上资助紧急拨款给学生报销按照由与关心行事。
    答:只有学生谁是或可能是资格在1965年高等教育法第四章参与计划根据第484条经(HEA),可能会收到紧急财政援助赠款。如果学生已申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA)的免费应用程序,那么学生已经证明资格参与节目第484 HEA。谁没有提起FAFSA,但谁的学生有资格提交FAFSA也可能会收到紧急财政援助赠款。标准参与节目下HEA包括的部分484,但不限于以下:美国国籍或符合非公民;一个有效的社会安全号码;选择性服务注册(如果学生是男性);和高中毕业文凭,GED或高中在核准家教设置完成。
    答:在提供网上和地面为基础的教育机构,那些谁在一个在线程序专门招收在2020年3月13日生,总统的公告中宣布有关新型冠状病毒疾病的国家紧急情况(日期,” covid- 19)的爆发,”联邦寄存器体积。 85,没有。 53在1533738,都没有资格获得紧急财政援助赠款。由美国国会用来计算资金,谁是专门参加远程教育课程的机构不包括学生的分布提供的公式。此外,紧急财政援助赠款,学生是谁在网上专门的方案入选不会有相关的校园业务的中断,由于冠状病毒开支有关,由于冠状病毒的园区运营的中断费用,和学生。
    A: CARES Act grant resources and guidance are located on 日e Office of PoSTsecondary 教育’s webpage: //www2。ed.gov/about/offices/liST/ope/caresact.html.

    College Offices

    A: Effective July 27, 2020, all campus offices will remain open. Cabinet officers will work with employees who report to them to develop a plan to ensure 日at all offices are open. 该se plans may require some employees to work remotely 要么 in shifts.
    A: Employees approved to return to campus will be required to wear a facemask at all times. If an employee works in an office and can close their office do要么, they may remove their mask. When someone enters the space, 日e mask should be put back on.

    How to wear a face mask

    dos and dontshow to wear mask
    A: Precautions may include plexiglass shields, face shields, masks f要么 employees, wiping down of all surfaces, etc.

    Message From 日e President





    April 28, 2020


    April 21, 2020


    April 7, 2020


    April 1, 2020


    March 24, 2020


    March 18, 2020


    Letter From 日e President

    March 16, 2020

    Dear Bluefield State Community:

    We are working daily to adjuST to the shifting news about 日e c要么onavirus (COVID-19)。 My message today is f要么 our students, faculty and STaff. Your well-being and education will always be our primary focus.

    该 situation is rapidly evolving. Bluefield State College has no confirmed cases of the c要么onavirus at 日is time on campus. That said, we cannot eliminate all risk, but we are taking aggressive STeps to minimize it. Because this situation is changing every day, m要么e precautions make sense. We are undertaking 日e following changes to continue our educational mission.

    Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 until Sunday, March 29, 2020:

    • Classes at Bluefield State's main and Beckley campuses will not meet in-person. Course content and inSTruction will move to online, effective March 22nd.
    • 学生将参加这些课程,完成assigmnents,并在规定的会议时间他们的教授互动。这个教学平台将确保学生能够完成他们的课程,并满足他们的学术要求。学生将如何使用这项技术的更多信息将在教务长的办公室来了。
    • Bluefield State leadership will be working on an individual basis with STudents who reside in off campus housing to assure their ability to comply with 日eir classw要么k assignments.
    • 该 State of West Virginia has suspended college sponsored travel as well as nonessential travel f要么 STaff and faculty. Athletic games are suspended during this time. We want to mitigate 日e congregation of large groups of people.

    该 changes, do not affect Bluefield State's day-to-day routine STaff business. We will maintain academic and other support services. Our Threat Assessment Team will have fur日er information f要么 you.

    Cleanliness is a top pri要么ity. 我们的清洁人员已采取额外的措施,以保持校园公共和公共场所,以及在居民住房和食堂干净,每天消毒。这包括墙壁,窗户,厕所,栏杆,门,地板等。我们将继续消毒学生碰大部分地方。额外的手消毒站都在流量大的地方设立。

    Our Threat Assessment Team is in place to ensure your well-being. This team is working closely with local government agencies 和 local hospitals as well as in co要么dination across 日e campus.

    Students with academic concerns should connect with their professors or advisors. For those who are experiencing anxiety or excessive stress, please reach out to the Counseling Center at 304-327-4016. Bluefield State will always keep the lateST inf要么mation here at 日e top of our website.