Bluefield State’s 工程技术学院 & Computer Science equips students with a strong command of engineering principles as well as practical job-ready skills.

教师牧师牧师学生们争取他们的目标 - 从工程或技术的利润丰厚的职业到硕士或博士学位的高级学位。水平。

  & Computer Science 目录






The coursework and experiences of the ET & CS school can be translated into direct career gains. The school has a career placement rate of nearly 100 percent, so students enjoy a strong return on their investment.



Once you’ve been accepted to Bluefield State through general admission, you can apply to the 工程技术学院 & Computer Science. There are no special requirements to enroll in the school.


    应用研究和技术中心(大车) is the research and development arm of the 工程技术学院 & Computer Science. Through its applied scientific research and innovations in technology, the center elevates Bluefield State College’s reputation as a competitive player in the field of research and technology and serves to boost the overall economy in the state of West Virginia. 大车 hires Engineering Technology & Computer Science students and also supports their competitions (such as International Ground Vehicle Competition, Society for Mining Metallurgy & Exploration, and American Society of Civil Engineers competition. The center has also arranged scholarships and internships leading to employment or graduate school opportunities.